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The McConaughey-hey-hey

The McConaughey-hey-hey

250.00 325.00

Bakhtiari Area Rug featuring a large red diamond shaped field with dark blue hexagonal central medallion. The field features red, orange, and blue floral motifs throughout, and dark blue corners.  The rug also features a bright blue border with repeating floral motifs in red, orange, cream, and black. 

Dark and mysterious, but fun and flirty - just like America's sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey. And who are we kidding, we'd all love to walk into a room and find this rug on the floor, only thing better would be maybe Mr. M on top of it? The options are endless!!!!

Vintage rugs have wear and tear and we try to capture on photo.  Please be aware that these rugs are 50+ years old. 

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